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BIG BROTHER follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with dozens of high-definition cameras and microphones recording their every move, 24 hours a day. Each week, the Houseguests will vote someone out of the house. read more
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BIG BROTHER follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with dozens of high-definition cameras and microphones recording their every move, 24 hours a day. Each week, the Houseguests will vote someone out of the house. At the end, the last remaining Houseguest will receive the grand prize of $500,000.

Original Release

07/05/2000 on CBS

US Release




Clayton Halsey Announcer
Julie Chen Herself - Host
Julie Chen Moonves Herself - Host / Self - Host
Julie Chen Moonves Self - Host
Phil Proctor Announcer
Julie Chen Moonves Self - Host / Herself - Host
Nicole Franzel Self
Paul Abrahamian Self
Cody Calafiore Self
James Huling Self
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# Title Air Date
1 Episode #24.1 Wednesday, 06 July 2022
2 Episode #24.2 Sunday, 10 July 2022
3 Episode #24.3 Wednesday, 13 July 2022
4 Episode #24.4 Thursday, 14 July 2022
5 Episode #24.5 Sunday, 17 July 2022
6 Episode #24.6 Wednesday, 20 July 2022
7 Episode #24.7 Sunday, 24 July 2022
8 Episode #24.8 Wednesday, 27 July 2022
9 Episode #24.9 Thursday, 28 July 2022
10 Episode #24.10 Sunday, 31 July 2022
11 Episode #24.11 Wednesday, 03 August 2022
12 Episode #24.12 Thursday, 04 August 2022
13 Episode #24.13 Sunday, 07 August 2022
14 Episode #24.14 Wednesday, 10 August 2022
15 Episode #24.15 Thursday, 11 August 2022
16 Episode #24.16 Sunday, 14 August 2022
17 Episode #24.17 Wednesday, 17 August 2022
18 Episode #24.18 Thursday, 18 August 2022
19 Episode #24.19 Sunday, 21 August 2022
20 Episode #24.20 Wednesday, 24 August 2022
21 Episode #24.21 Thursday, 25 August 2022
22 Episode #24.22 Sunday, 28 August 2022
23 Episode #24.23 Wednesday, 31 August 2022
24 Episode #24.24 Thursday, 01 September 2022
25 Episode #24.25 Sunday, 04 September 2022
26 Episode #24.26 Wednesday, 07 September 2022
27 Episode #24.27 Thursday, 08 September 2022
28 Episode #24.28 Sunday, 11 September 2022
29 Episode #24.29 Wednesday, 14 September 2022
30 Episode #24.30 Thursday, 15 September 2022
31 Episode #24.31 Sunday, 18 September 2022
32 Episode #24.32 Thursday, 22 September 2022
33 Episode #24.33 Friday, 23 September 2022
34 Episode #24.34 Sunday, 25 September 2022
35 Episode #24.35


Mark W. Roden, Quinn Saunders, Anthony Gonzales, Philip Abatecola, Brian Smith, Danny Roew, Terry Donohue, Adam Christian Clark, Ian Kenney, Thomas Loureiro, Lucky McNulty, Christopher Kovach, Tony McCuin, Tim Swaan, Bill Gersh, Jim Tanker, Josiah Patrow, Tom Rule, Rob George, Kylene Matthes, Jamie Trent, Curnal Achilles Aulisio, Jeremy Weiss, Gregg Gelfand, Petra Costner, James Crocket, Katriona Macnab


Robert Caplain, Rory Lapointe-Smith, Jeff Fisher, Andy Wilson, Josie Vorenkamp, Kelly Johnson, Elle Keoghan, Jefferson Nolan, Taylor Roberts, Mitchell Elling, John S. Faratzis, Jared Melford, Matthew Stollman, Luke Pavey, Jennifer Falkoff, Matthew Woolsey, Maria Stroia, Ian Fitzgerald, Emilio Velez, Justin Germono, William Yelton, Karla Esquivel, Deanjilo Platt Friday, Kennedy Starcevich, Chelsea Weidanz, Tyler Montgomery, Qiana Moore-Nightengale, Will Penney, John de Mol, Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jerry D'Alessandro, Tara Siener, Jordan Duenas


John de Mol, Ron Diesel


Clayton Halsey Announcer
Julie Chen Herself - Host
Julie Chen Moonves Herself - Host / Self - Host
Julie Chen Moonves Self - Host
Phil Proctor Announcer
Julie Chen Moonves Self - Host / Herself - Host
Nicole Franzel Self
Paul Abrahamian Self
Cody Calafiore Self
James Huling Self
Christmas Abbott Self
Tyler Crispen Self
George Boswell Self
Eddie McGee Self
Will Mega (as William Collins)
Enzo Palumbo Self
Da'Vonne Rogers Self
Erika Landin Self - Houseguest
Will Kirby Self - Houseguest
Janelle Pierzina Self - Houseguest


Allison Grodner Executive Producer
Rich Meehan Executive Producer
Don Wollman Executive Producer
Arnold Shapiro Executive Producer
Jordan Kranis Executive Producer
Jerry D'Alessandro Executive Producer
Christopher Roach Executive Producer
Shawn V. Laws O'Neil Executive Producer
Heath Luman Executive Producer
Amy Barron Executive Producer
John Platt Executive Producer
Kathleen French Executive Producer
Douglas Ross Executive Producer
J. Rupert Thompson Executive Producer
Greg Stewart Executive Producer
Curtis Colden Executive Producer
Scott Einziger Executive Producer
Jon Kroll Executive Producer
Zach Zyskowski Executive Producer
Sydney Leier Executive Producer
Kenny Rosen Executive Producer
Dave M. Barnett Producer
Bryan Blatt Producer
Heath Luman Producer
Jessie Ward Producer
Dan Sameha Producer
Thea Price Producer
Micah Cohler Producer
Matthew Stollman Producer
Gary A. Kay Producer
John Platt Producer
David Bowman Producer
Amy Barron Producer
Danny Schrader Producer
Jessica Chandler Producer
Darren J. Paletz Producer
Jym Buss Producer
Sean Corcoran Producer
Andrew Krukowski Producer
Christopher DeJoseph Producer
Amy Chacon Producer
Mark Zukowski Producer
Adam Raia Producer
Lindsay Marcus Producer
Colin Sherman Producer
Micki Boden Producer
Cristina Palacio Producer
Danny Shaner Producer
Michael Dietz Producer
Adam Greener Producer
Robert Mazza Producer
Seth Weidner Producer
Matt Richmond Producer
Bob Bardo Producer
Michael Horowicz Producer
Richard B. Camp Producer
John Kalish Producer
John Monarch Producer
Ron Vandor Producer
Shye Sutherland Producer
Stephanie Buxbaum Producer
Justin Germono Producer
Matthew Woolsey Producer
Amelia Knapp Producer
Jerry D'Alessandro Producer
Chris Keiper Producer
D.J. Summitt Producer
Shane Igoe Producer
Brooks Todd Producer
Gigi D'Amore Producer
Eva Grimmer Producer
David Brackenhoff Producer
Christopher Roach Producer
Jennifer Falkoff Producer
Don Wollman Producer
Brandon Panaligan Producer
Jared Melford Producer
Mark Hauber Producer
Gillian Evenas Producer
Shawn V. Laws O'Neil Producer
Brian Szot Producer
Matt Sims Producer
Brandie Tucker Producer
John S. Faratzis Producer
Michael O'Sullivan Producer
Katie Meath Roy Producer
James Sunshine Producer
James Mahan Producer
Oren Krygier Producer
Jon Carlo Alvarez Producer
Jon Cooper Producer
Curtis Colden Producer
Karla Esquivel Producer
Azon Juan Producer
Mitchell Elling Producer
Andrew Vucinich Producer
Ryan Simpkins Producer
David Bresenham Producer
Joshua Silberman Producer
Michael Matsumoto Producer
Kenny Rosen Producer
T.A. Snyder Producer
Andy Wilson Producer
Julie Laughlin-Jones Producer
Jennifer Basa Producer
Sarah Happel Jackson Producer
Scott Paskoff Producer
Pete Ogden Producer
Eugene O'Neill Producer
Jeffrey J. Hyman Producer
Matthew Pickel Producer
Alyse Wax Producer
Trent Eaton Producer
Jessica Bertulis Producer
Chris Culhane Producer
Shandra L. McDonald Producer
Mark Loughlin Producer
Sarah Wetherbee Producer
Ross Breitenbach Producer
Libby Riddle Producer
Tracy Green Producer
Paul Wernick Producer
Mariam Jobrani Producer
Jon Kroll Producer
Joan O'Connor Producer
Bill Kenny Producer
Kerry Schmidt-Hardy Producer
Janet Turner Producer
Vernetta R. Jenkins Producer
Diana E. Gonzales Producer
Christopher Damon Producer
Russell Muth Producer
Kristin Holloway Producer
Jefferson Nolan Producer
Ellen Philips Producer
Sydney Levin Producer
Courtney Nevis Producer
Brian Caldirola Producer
Zach Zyskowski Producer
Kendall Seyer Producer
Patrick Caligiuri Producer
Matt Pavlovich Producer
Chris Denzel Producer
Mitchell Rosen Producer
Kelly Johnson Producer
Adam Sheldon Producer
Kelly Franklin Producer
Jason Bice Producer
Arthur Borman Producer
Lisa Levenson Producer
Mark Brull Producer
Luke Pavey Producer
Elle Keoghan Producer
Josie Vorenkamp Producer
Tara Siener Producer
Alexis Perkins Producer
Taylor Roberts Producer
Ibis Del Mar Producer
Sarah Pavia Producer
Anthony McLemore Producer
Neil Jahss Producer
Maria Stroia Producer
Robert Zimmerman Producer
Wendi Wan Producer
Matthew R. Schmidt Producer
Johanna Rowe Producer
James Macnab Producer
Hank Leukart Producer
Chris Rowe Producer
Joe Bradley Producer
Michael A. Miller Producer
Nick Cohen Producer
Jordan Kranis Producer
Shawn Sheridan Producer
Emma Lipstone Producer
Brian Gillespie Producer
Henry Morillo Producer
Mike O'Sullivan Producer
Michelle Kongkasuwan Producer
Ian Kenney Producer
Amy Bean Producer
D. Max Poris Producer
Cristina Lujan Producer
Michael J. Miller Producer
Aine Murphy Producer
Mike Dimaggio Producer
Sarah Skiles Producer
Justine Huseth Producer
Patrick McGee Producer
Andrew Farotte Producer
Cynthia Valle Producer
Rebekah Fry Producer
Eric Rudnick Producer
Jada Ford Producer
Matthew Rose Producer
Jonathan Hann Producer
Warnessa Hightower Producer
Heidi Dahmen Producer
Esther Rosa Producer
Chuck Bond Producer
Danny Koerber Producer
Ismael Soto Producer
Jorge Chediak Producer
Chris Lisotta Producer
Gabe Smallson Producer
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Meredith Prunkard Producer
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Drina Maruna Producer
Daniel Soiseth Producer
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Corie Henson Producer
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Will Penney Producer
Rebecca Mall Producer
Andy Farotte Producer
Nicole Hynes Producer
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Emily Lerer Producer
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Karen Hughes Producer
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Thomas B. Ruff Producer
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Jennifer Shields Producer
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Blair Baskin Producer
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Colin Whitman Producer
Jennifer Mullen Producer
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Eddie Vu Producer
Bethann Zangrilli Producer
Bailey Poole Producer
Sebastian Sokolowski Producer
Sami Abdou Producer
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Jamala Gaither Producer
Bryce McLeay Producer
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Joelle Luman Producer
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Courtney Higgins Producer
Ryan Flynn Producer
Caroline Self Producer
Bryan Riches Producer
Katy Stumpf Producer
Brett Comden Producer
William Yelton Producer
Frank Berin Producer
Kevin Hodder Producer
Tyesha Brown Producer
Sharon Young Producer
Lauren Young Producer
Alex Heald Producer
Jason Zeni Producer
Jessie Lynn Whitney Producer
Chris Daly Producer
Megan Moroney Producer


Chris W. Hill, Steven J. Escobar, Josh Young, Kevin Manning, Jules Frazier, Clayton Halsey, Eric Johannsen, Myron Santos, Patrick Sayers, Kevin Benson, Michael Burke, Paul Withers, Brian Szot, Ryan Neill, John M. Larson, Rod Schultheiss, Matt McCartie, Marc Cahill, Dewey Kim, Sean McGinty, Tom McCudden, Nancy Rosenblum, David R. Finkelstein, Laronda Morris, Sef Morris, Matthew M. Gossin, Joanne De Tora, Florence Vinger, Shane Nickerson, Pierre Dwyer, Michael Lynn Deis, Charles Kramer, Heeyeon Chang, Julian Gomez, Jon Emerson, Paul C. Nielsen, Paul Coyne, H.A. Arnarson, John W. Richardson, Folmer Wiesinger, Jacob Parsons, Arthur Springer, Eric Goldfarb, Kinsey Beck, Mark Baum, Tom Quick, Scott A. Benton, Matt Kibbie, Chris Skopinski, Andrew Frank, Martin Hilton, Carlos Almonte, Brian Phillips, Jimmy Miller, Takayuki Fujiwara, Jorge Guzman, Joe Cauley, Derek McCants, Chris Jones, Tim Schultz, Wil Hernandez, Robby Thompson, Don Misraje, Robb Roetman, Alyssa Dressman, Mitch Wilson, Jonathan Bilicki, Bryan M. Horne, Devon Collins, John Skaare, John Hoelle, Kevin McGuinness, M. Edward Salier, Casey Brown, Liz Ewart, Heather Abell, Grant Masson, Tracy Bacenas, Conroy Browne, Welborn Ferrene, Hudson Smith, Shaun Peterson, Mike McMaster, Jason Harrison, Sax Eno, Chris Wiencke, David Michael Maurer, Jeffrey J. Hyman, Rich Fox, Ismael Soto, Marina Catala, Jason Pedroza, Bobby Balog, Robert W. Spencer, Wilfredo M. Hernande, Jimmy Miller, Michael Berkowitz, Brooks Larson, Ismail Ahmed

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