Bless the Harts

  • TV-14
A Southern family, the Harts, struggles for status and wealth, not realizing they're already rich in friends, family, and laughter.
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A Southern family, the Harts, struggles for status and wealth, not realizing they're already rich in friends, family, and laughter.

Original Release

09/29/2019 on FOX

US Release




# Title Air Date
1 Violet's Secret Sunday, 27 September 2020
2 The Last Supper Sunday, 04 October 2020
3 My Best Frenda Sunday, 11 October 2020
4 Dead Mall Sunday, 01 November 2020
5 Pound Pinchers Sunday, 08 November 2020
6 The McEntire Truth Sunday, 15 November 2020
7 Mega-Lo-Memories: Part Deux Sunday, 22 November 2020
8 Pumped Sunday, 06 December 2020
9 Invasion of the Potty Snatcher Sunday, 13 December 2020
10 Crappy Death Day Sunday, 21 February 2021
11 Big Pimpin' Sunday, 28 February 2021
12 The Dogchurian Candidate Sunday, 07 March 2021
13 Trollin' with the Homies Sunday, 14 March 2021
14 Nose Bud Sunday, 21 March 2021
15 Dance Dance Resolution Sunday, 28 March 2021
16 Easter's 11 Sunday, 04 April 2021
17 Hot Tub-Tation Sunday, 11 April 2021
18 Hoot 'n Haw Sunday, 18 April 2021
19 The Drincan Temple Sunday, 02 May 2021
20 When You Lose, You Win Sunday, 09 May 2021
21 Haul Force One Sunday, 16 May 2021
22 Toni with an I Sunday, 23 May 2021
23 Tiny Pies Sunday, 06 June 2021
24 Betty's Birthday Sunday, 20 June 2021
25 Episode #2.25 Sunday, 20 June 2021


Albert Calleros, Valerie Fletcher, Michael Baylis, Samantha Arnett, Pete Michels, Seung Woo Cha, Oreste Canestrelli, Traci Honda, Joseph Scott, Mollie Helms, Becks Wallace, Bryan Francis


Janine Brito, Erin Wagoner, Jeremy Rowley, Edward Voccola, Lauren McGuire, Julia Lillis Cohen, Amy-Jo Perry, Zach Dunn, Jake Bender, Emily Spivey, Rich Blomquist, Andy Bobrow, Christy Stratton, Tim McAuliffe, John Solomon, Sarah K. Moss, Maxwell Kessler


Emily Spivey



Emily Spivey Executive Producer
Christopher Miller Executive Producer
Christy Stratton Executive Producer
Rich Blomquist Executive Producer
Andy Bobrow Executive Producer
Phil Lord Executive Producer
Kristen Wiig Executive Producer
Chris Prynoski Executive Producer
Ben Kalina Executive Producer
Shannon Barrett Prynoski Executive Producer
Tim McAuliffe Executive Producer
Seth Cohen Executive Producer
Eli Dolleman Producer
Lisa Furlong Jones Producer
Aubrey Davis Lee Producer
Ryan Young Producer
Lauren McGuire Producer
John Solomon Producer
Matthew Mahoney Producer
David A. Goodman Producer
Ryan Young Producer
Yuna Diane Kim Producer


Dennis R. McElroy, Karima Torres, Jay Farnie

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