Double Dare 2000

  • TV-Y

Original Release

01/22/2000 on NICK

US Release



# Title Air Date
1 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd vs. The Amanda Show
2 Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Blue Angels
3 Red Chili Peppers vs. Blue Bombers
4 Dazzling Dolphins vs. Whirlwinds
5 Bear Cats vs. Blue Manatees
6 Gak Meisters vs. Slime Dogs
7 Hot Shots vs. Polyester Monkeys
8 Talbot Tornadoes vs. Blue Rockets
9 Fireballs vs. The Blue Dragons
10 The Steele Trap vs. The Vipers
11 Awesome Andersons vs. Blue Wave
12 Snow Day vs. The Amanda Show
13 Hot Spot vs. Old Blue
14 Red Riders vs. Blue Jays
15 Barking Spiders vs. The Blue Jays
16 Red Lions vs. Blue Streaks
17 Red Birds vs. Blue Birds
18 Rockin' Rush's vs. Wright One's Baby
19 Red Hots vs. Blue Marlins
20 The Rockets Red Glare vs. Blue Dominators
21 The Miracles vs. The Blue High Fives
22 Red Trees vs. Blue Rockers
23 Red Flame Throwers vs. Blue Bubble Beams
24 Red Revengers vs. Texan Barracudas
25 Red Warriors vs. Blue Blazers
26 Red Blokers vs. Blue Lagoon
27 The 'Noles vs. The Hurricanes
28 The Wolfpack vs. Blue Blastoids
29 Red Aces Vs.Blue Stars
31 Red Raptors vs. Blue Pugs
32 The Tanky Tanks vs. The Blue Monty
33 Red Barons vs. Blue Bombers (1)
34 Red Rubies vs. Blue Bees
35 The Red Rockets vs. The Blue Angels
36 Red Rockin' Rollers vs. Blue Daba Dee
37 Red Renegades vs. Blue Bikers
38 Red Devils vs. Blue Warriors
39 The Nicks vs. Demolition Crew
40 Red Anacondas vs. Blue Pulverizers
41 Red Flyers vs. The Crushers
42 Red Warriors vs. Blue Monsoons
43 Red Rattlers vs. Blue Blazers
44 Red Dragons vs. Blue Moons
45 Red Rough Riders vs. Slimenators
46 Red Raptors vs. Little Boy Blues
47 Red Rockers vs. Blue Dragons
48 Team Odyssey vs. Blue Bombers
49 Red Hots vs. Bronx Bombers
50 Coyotes vs. Blue Angels
51 Charlie's Red Angels vs. Blue Falcons
52 Lightning Lims vs. Blue Gak Attacks
53 No Authority vs. N'Toon
54 Red Gak Attack vs. Blue Lions
55 Sailing Clippers vs. Double Dogs
56 Red Dragons vs. Blue Knights
57 Redalodeons vs. Blue Angels
58 Red Rockets vs. Blue Monkeys
59 Red Rockets vs. Daring D's
60 Red Musketeers vs. Team Ultra
61 Red Dragons vs. Blue Falcons
62 Red Cardinals vs. Blue Twisters
63 Red Radicals vs. Blue Thunder
64 Red Phoenix vs. Blueberry Rolls
65 Venus and the Flytraps vs. Maranda's Collage
66 Red Barons vs. Blue Bombers
67 Lucky Levisons vs. Musical Muellers
68 Taina vs. Noah Knows Best
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