Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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The HGTV spin on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is scheduled to air in early 2020. The series will showcase great stories, inspired volunteers and mind-blowing home renovations for families who give back to their communities. The whole-home overhauls... read more
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The HGTV spin on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is scheduled to air in early 2020. The series will showcase great stories, inspired volunteers and mind-blowing home renovations for families who give back to their communities. The whole-home overhauls will include interior, exterior and landscaping—all completed within seven days while the family is sent away for the week.

Original Release

12/03/2003 on HGTV

US Release




# Title Air Date
1 All in the Mosley Family Saturday, 15 February 2020
2 This Land is Your Land Sunday, 23 February 2020
3 A Teacher's Journey Sunday, 01 March 2020
4 Starting from Scratch Sunday, 08 March 2020
5 Renovating a Time Capsule Sunday, 08 March 2020
6 For Home and Country Sunday, 15 March 2020


Glenn GT Taylor, Patrick Higgins, Colin Donahue, Scott Farquharson, Jennifer Lane, David Dryden, Jack Cannon


Damiana Hook, Brian Patrick Farrell



Brady Connell Executive Producer
Max Swedlow Executive Producer
Dan Morando Executive Producer
Anthony Dominici Executive Producer
Denise Cramsey Executive Producer
Craig Armstrong Executive Producer
Conrad L. Ricketts Executive Producer
George Verschoor Executive Producer
Jeanne Petrone-Arzubiaga Executive Producer
Tom Forman Executive Producer
Michael Maloy Executive Producer
Janelle Fiorito Executive Producer
Tim Warren Executive Producer
Luis Barreto Executive Producer
Jonathan Karsh Executive Producer
Brielle Lebsack Executive Producer
Star Price Executive Producer
Hoot Maynard Producer
Mark Dashiell Producer
Diane Korman Producer
Courtney Sanders Producer
Mickey McLaughlin Producer
Jeanne Petrone-Arzubiaga Producer
Matt Fisher Producer
Max Swedlow Producer
Andrew Lipson Producer
Robin Samuels Producer
Herbert W. Ankrom Producer
Adam Keller Producer
Cecilia Weiss Producer
Karin Jarlstedt Producer
Michelle Taylor-Campbell Producer
David Shumsky Producer
James A. Jusko Producer
Jenifer Faison Producer
Kelly Mooney Producer
Ming Lee Howell Producer
Kathryn Vaughan Producer
Milan Vasic Producer
Michael Maloy Producer
Nadim Amiry Producer
Mark L. Ruberg Producer
Damiana Hook Producer
Sami Aziz Producer
Brielle Lebsack Producer
Jeff Cruz Producer
Adam Drucker Producer
Conrad L. Ricketts Producer
Negar Shekarchi Producer
Veronica Penn Producer
Tom Forman Producer
Demetrius Moore Producer
Michael Addis Producer
Adam Salvatore Producer
Brian Krow Producer
Cody Shelton Producer
Gavin Rember Producer
Patrick Higgins Producer
Sabrina Mar Producer
Jeanette Jolley Producer
Quint Strack Producer
Rob Day Producer
J.P. Gilbert Producer
Michael Herwick Producer
Shannon Owen Producer
Jennifer J. Duncan Producer
Anne Hill Producer
Sean Fitzgibbons Producer
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Brenton Metzler Producer
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Erika Dobrin Producer
Jennifer Basa Producer
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Antonia Mattia Producer
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Derek Wan Producer
Matt Vafiadis Producer
Demir Mahmood Producer
Mark Rains Producer
Marcy Walton Producer
Marisa X. Castro Producer
Kasey Wilkerson Producer
Diana Hofstein Producer
Alexander J. Moon Producer
Juliana Kim Producer
Rebecca Shumsky-Quinn Producer
Julie Link Producer
Nate Harrington Producer
Troy A. Norton Producer
Patrick Wood Producer
Jim Ring Producer
Katherine Lucero Producer
Maggie N. Thomas Producer
Tim Puttre Producer
Kristopher Smale Producer
Malika Rice Producer
Bill Braunstein Producer
Ryo Okada Producer
Mark A. Baker Producer
Leah Hariton Producer
Jarvis Greiner Producer
Johanna Vanderspool Producer
Steve Joachim Producer
Ren Messer Producer
Charlie Engle Producer
Jada Bates Producer
Jay Hix Jones Producer
Jon Beyer Producer
Ann Cummings Producer
Tami Low Producer
Ari Woog Producer
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James E. Wade Producer
Phil Filimowicz Producer
Breille Cohen Producer
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Bobby Morgan Producer
Teresa Hsu Producer
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Helia Correia Producer
Art Lyons Producer
Eva Christine Zellmer Producer
Ian Young Producer
Jowill Leano Producer
Chris Smith Producer
Emily Hewson Elsner Producer
Shana Hildebrand Producer
Erica Goddard Producer
Nicola Gaha Producer
Jean Arthur Producer
Cory Surovek Producer
Stephen Pleadwell Producer
Karen Happel Producer
Josh Herbst Producer
Kristina Gorolevich Producer
Ashton Ramsey Producer
Evan W. Majors Producer
Bing Tell Producer
Michael Greggs Producer
Risa Saslow Producer
Vanessa Price Producer
Michelle Weller Producer
Jacquelyn Ferguson Producer
Jonathan Karsh Producer
Charisse Simonian Producer
Monica Martino Producer
Veronica Valencia Producer
Jason Ehrlich Producer
Ali Zubik Producer
Michael Hauser Producer
Erynn Sampson Producer
Chas Bruns Producer
John Maroney Producer
Shana Kemp Producer
Stuart Luchs Producer
Karen Gruber Producer
John Shearer Producer
Allison Drye Producer
Jorgiana Jake Producer
Pamela Peterson Producer
Alexandra Lacey Producer
Mike Conley Producer
Eddie Vu Producer
Amanda MacFadden Producer
Jonathan Lee Smith Producer
Susan Johnston Producer
Kristian Hansen Producer
Peter S. Alexander Producer
Christopher Goettsche Producer
Robert Holberg Producer
Lee George Producer
Aline Allegra Producer
Melissa Givens Producer
Joshua Zilm Producer
Darren Howelton Producer
Amber Christner Producer
Kim Lewis Producer
Alicia Sexton Producer
Robin Roth Producer
Susan House Producer
Nathan Nowak Producer
Anneli Gericke Producer
Mary Belton Producer
Michele Gardner-Smith Producer
Dustin Rubin Producer
Lance Nichols Producer
Andrew Hoagland Producer
Janelle Fiorito Producer
Courtney MacGregor Producer
J.C. Calciano Producer


Dan McMellen, Teki Cruickshank, Erika K. Rupp, Houman Shekarchi, Hilary Scratch, Tenna Guthrie, Jason Stewart, Phil Stuben, Karin Hoving, Cliff Birbrower, Jason Cherella, Arek Hope, Chris Ross Leong, Wes Paster, Jackson Anderer, Steve Mellon, Devrim Wellman, Seth G. Sherman, J.D. Grimes, Jordan Mokriski, Darren Ankenman, Jarvis Greiner, Ben Daughtrey, Ali Baron, Jim Furlong, Jody McVeigh-Schultz, Natasha Gjurokovic, Tad Dennis, Chan Candela, Josh Young, Peter Gamba, Evan Finn, Poppy Das, Wil Hernandez, Matt Deitrich, Alex Katz, Steven Urrutia, Susan K. Hoover, Brianna Dellinger, Christopher M. Meagher, Rashelle Popinski, Alpesh Patel, Stacie Schwarz, Bann Roy, Tiffany Hope, Marc Cahill, Michael King, Ken Yankee, Shawn Chou, Taatshing Hui, Grace Piena, Eduardo Rodriguez, Jillian Moul, Jeff Becko, Sean Fanton, Brian Catalina, Carrie Ansell, Julie Bob Lombardi, Laura Rosow, Yaffa Lerea, Jennifer Nelson, John Balcom, Mike Rysavy, Michael Lichtenberger, Howard Leder, Pedro R. Casais, Gloria Vela, Chris Meyer, Nick Arico, Josh Lowry, Jermaine Daniel, Rich Remis, Kenneth Gebon, Michael Yanovich, James Gordon, Jacob Kindberg, Byron Smith

2012 Emmy Outstanding Picture Editing for Short-Form Segments and Variety Specials Nominated
2010 Emmy Outstanding Picture Editing for Reality Programming Nominated
2009 Emmy Outstanding Picture Editing for Reality Programming Nominated
2008 Emmy Outstanding Picture Editing for Reality Programming Nominated
2008 Emmy Outstanding Reality Program Nominated
2007 Emmy Outstanding Picture Editing for Reality Programming Nominated
2007 Emmy Outstanding Reality Program Nominated
2006 Emmy Outstanding Reality Program Won
2005 Emmy Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming Nominated
2005 Emmy Outstanding Reality Program Won
2004 Emmy Outstanding Reality Program Nominated
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