Real Sex

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Real Sex is a documentary television series broadcast on and a production of HBO. As its name implies, Real Sex is a sexually explicit "magazine" which "explores sex '90s style."

Real Sex is a documentary television series broadcast on and a production of HBO. As its name implies, Real Sex is a sexually explicit "magazine" which "explores sex '90s style."

Original Release

11/13/1990 on HBO

US Release



# Title Air Date
1 Pilot Tuesday, 13 November 1990
3 Real Sex 3
4 Real Sex 4 Thursday, 13 August 1992
5 Real Sex 5 Thursday, 13 August 1992
6 Real Sex 6 Thursday, 05 August 1993
7 Real Sex 7 Thursday, 11 November 1993
8 Real Sex 8 Thursday, 17 March 1994
9 Real Sex 9 Saturday, 13 August 1994
12 Real Sex 12 Saturday, 01 July 1995
15 Real Sex 15 Wednesday, 14 August 1996
16 Real Sex 16 Wednesday, 17 January 1996
17 Real Sex 17 Tuesday, 14 January 1997
18 Real Sex 18 Friday, 26 September 1997
19 Real Sex 19 Saturday, 07 February 1998
20 Real Sex 20: Ladies Night Saturday, 02 May 1998
21 Real Sex 21 Saturday, 05 September 1998
22 Real Sex 22 Saturday, 20 February 1999
23 Real Sex 23 Saturday, 08 May 1999
24 Real Sex 24: Different Strokes/Dirty Words/Footsies/Bon Appetit Saturday, 26 February 2000
25 Real Sex 25 Saturday, 17 June 2000
26 Real Sex 26: Lessons in Love & Lust Saturday, 07 April 2001
27 Real Sex 27: Slippery When Wet Saturday, 02 June 2001
28 Real Sex 28: Bedroom Tricks & Treats Saturday, 27 October 2001
29 Let It All Hang Out Saturday, 06 April 2002
30 Real Sex 30: Down & Dirty Saturday, 03 August 2002
31 Real Sex 31: Am I Good in Bed? Saturday, 22 November 2003
32 Real Sex 32 Saturday, 06 October 2007
33 Real Sex 33: Stocks Down, Sex Up Saturday, 12 December 2009


Patti Kaplan, Helena Solberg


Susan Block Self
Annie Sprinkle Self
Nina Hartley Self
Nely Galán Self
Samantha Jones Self
Delores Dickson Self - Club 55
Anna Malle Self
Natasha Von Rosenschilde Self
Holly Montana Self
Catherine D'Lish Self
Simzie Watson Self
Mare Simone Self (segment "Tantric Sex: Riding the Orgasm")
Mare Simone Self
David J. Brown Self - Writer (segment "Real Dolls")
Matt McMullen Self - Abyss Creations (segment "Real Dolls")
Matt McMullen Self - Abyss Creations
The Impotent Sea Snakes Themselves (segment "Exotic Erotic Wedding")
Laurens Vos Self (segment "Fun 4 Two")
Kimberly McMullen Self - Abyss Creations (segment "Real Dolls")
Rineke Vos Self (segment "Fun 4 Two")


Sheila Nevins Executive Producer
Patti Kaplan Producer
Katie Smalheer Producer
Shari Cookson Producer
Deborah Wasser Producer
Lynn Sadofsky Producer
Barry Shils Producer
Aviva Slesin Producer
Anthony Radziwill Producer
Jennifer Hughes Producer
Julie Anderson Producer
David Meyer Producer
Joanne Lara Producer
Timothy T.P. Robbins Producer
Andrea Olan Producer
Sara Bernstein Producer
Nancy Abraham Producer
Ellen Goosenberg Kent Producer
Holly Gill Producer
Max Weissman Producer
Marla Ratner Producer
Fred Riedel Producer
Brent Owens Producer
David Collier Producer
Tim Wolff Producer
Jacqueline Glover Producer
Ellen Spiro Producer
Helena Solberg Producer
Lisa Farsadi Producer
Diana Chingos Producer
Jodi Delaney Producer
Whitney Saik Producer
Jennifer Hoover Producer
Nancy Shils Producer
Jenny O'Haver Producer
Teri Thomson Randall Producer
Salleigh Rothrock Producer
Elizabeth Smith Producer
Monica Martin Producer
Jessica Schram Producer
David Sweeney Producer
Eamon Harrington Producer
James O'Brien Producer
Jeffrey Friedman Producer
Laura Nix Producer
Meredith Zamsky Producer
Eddie Rosenstein Producer
Jeffrey Tuchman Producer
Peter Stuart Producer
Jen Small Producer
Andy Schatzberg Producer
Matt Johnstone Producer
Fenton Bailey Producer
Victor Ginzburg Producer
Jeff Swimmer Producer
Karen Bernstein Producer
Christian Blackwood Producer
Randy Barbato Producer
Rob Epstein Producer
Sue Swinburne Producer
Marilyn Rodan Producer
Sarah Vogel Producer
Tom Parziale Producer
Marni Rothman Producer
Jennifer C. Lefever Producer
Larissa Bills Producer
Irene Taylor Producer
Veronica L. Young Producer
Dan Kuvalakis Producer
Elizabeth Dunnebacke Producer
Hope Kaplan Biller Producer


Charlton McMillan, Bob Eisenhardt, Max Weissman, Juliet Weber, Vincent Stenerson, Amanda Zinoman, Phillip Schopper, Alison Ellwood, Jenny Hoover, Curtis Freilich, Paula Heredia, Robert Dalva, Kathy Dougherty, Sabine Hoffman, Eric Marano, Mona Davis, Richard Edelson, Joan Franklin, Juliet Webb, Sara Andrews, Sven Harding, Catherine Benedek, M. Watanabe Milmore, Doug O'Connor, Keith Robinson, Donna Marino, Eli Olson, Brad Fuller, Pam Wise, Joshua Levin, Doug Abel, Jed Parker, Pamela Page, David Meyer, Nancy Kennedy, Arthur Ginsberg, Tom Donahue, Ila von Hasperg, Amir Bar-Lev, Mark Tobin, Matthew Barbato, Ken Schneider, Jay Keuper, Blake West

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