Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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The submarine Seaview is commissioned to investigate the mysteries of the seas. Usually it finds more problems than answers...
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The submarine Seaview is commissioned to investigate the mysteries of the seas. Usually it finds more problems than answers...

Original Release

09/14/1964 on ABC

US Release



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# Title Air Date
1 Fires of Death Sunday, 17 September 1967
2 The Deadly Dolls Sunday, 01 October 1967
3 Cave of the Dead Sunday, 08 October 1967
4 Journey with Fear Sunday, 15 October 1967
5 Sealed Orders Sunday, 22 October 1967
6 Man of Many Faces Sunday, 29 October 1967
7 Fatal Cargo Sunday, 05 November 1967
8 Time Lock Sunday, 12 November 1967
9 Rescue Sunday, 19 November 1967
10 Terror Sunday, 26 November 1967
11 A Time to Die Sunday, 03 December 1967
12 Blow Up Sunday, 10 December 1967
13 Deadly Amphibians Sunday, 17 December 1967
14 The Return of Blackbeard Sunday, 31 December 1967
15 Terrible Leprechaun Sunday, 07 January 1968
16 The Lobster Man Sunday, 21 January 1968
17 Nightmare Sunday, 28 January 1968
18 The Abominable Snowman Sunday, 04 February 1968
19 Secret of the Deep Sunday, 11 February 1968
20 Man-Beast Sunday, 18 February 1968
21 Savage Jungle Sunday, 25 February 1968
22 Flaming Ice Sunday, 03 March 1968
23 Attack! Sunday, 10 March 1968
24 Edge of Doom Sunday, 17 March 1968
25 The Death Clock Sunday, 24 March 1968
26 No Way Back Sunday, 31 March 1968


Justus Addiss, Jerry Hopper, Harry Harris, Sobey Martin, Leonard J. Horn, Felix E. Feist, Robert Sparr, James Goldstone, Gerald Mayer, Nathan Juran, Charles R. Rondeau, Sutton Roley, John Brahm, Laslo Benedek, Irwin Allen, Alex March, Gerd Oswald, Joseph Lejtes, Alan Crosland Jr., Leo Penn, James B. Clark, Tom Gries, Abner Biberman, Harmon Jones


William Welch, William Read Woodfield, Allan Balter, Charles Bennett, Hendrik Vollaerts, Robert Hamner, Sidney Marshall, Al Gail, Ward Hawkins, John Hawkins, Arthur Weiss, Robert Vincent Wright, Donn Mullally, George Reed, Irwin Allen, Don Brinkley, Richard H. Landau, Berne Giler, Oliver Crawford, Raphael Hayes, Shimon Wincelberg, William Tunberg, Sidney Ellis, John McGreevey, Anthony Wilson, Peter Packer, James Whiton, Michael Lynn, Robert Leslie Bellem, Max Ehrlich, Sheldon Stark, Arthur Browne Jr., Leslie Edgley, Peter Germano, Louis Pollock, Harlan Ellison, Alan Caillou


Irwin Allen




James Baiotto, Dick Wormell, Robert Belcher, George Watters, Jack Gleason, Dolph Rudeen, Roland Gross, Axel Hubert Sr., Homer Powell, Fred Baratta, John W. Holmes

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