Will & Grace

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Will and Grace live together in an apartment in New York. He's a gay lawyer, she's a straight interior designer.
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Will and Grace live together in an apartment in New York. He's a gay lawyer, she's a straight interior designer.

Original Release

09/21/1998 on NBC

US Release




# Title Air Date
1 Alive and Schticking Thursday, 29 September 2005
2 I Second That Emotion
3 The Old Man and the Sea
4 Steams Like Old Times
5 The Hole Truth
6 Love Is in the Airplane
7 Birds of a Feather Boa Thursday, 17 November 2005
8 Swish Out of Water
9 A Little Christmas Queer Thursday, 08 December 2005
10 Von Trapped Thursday, 05 January 2006
11 Bathroom Humor Thursday, 12 January 2006
12 Forbidden Fruit
13 Cop to It Thursday, 26 January 2006
14 I Love L. Gay
15 The Definition of Marriage
16 Grace Expectations
17 Cowboys and Iranians Thursday, 23 March 2006
18 Buy, Buy Baby Thursday, 30 March 2006
19 Blanket Apology
20 The Mourning Son Thursday, 27 April 2006
21 Partners 'n' Crime
22 Whatever Happened to Baby Gin? Thursday, 11 May 2006
23 The Finale: Part 1
24 The Finale: Part 2 Thursday, 18 May 2006


James Burroughs, James Burrows


David Kohan, Max Mutchnick, Tracy Poust, Jon Kinnally, Alex Herschlag, Adam Barr, Jhoni Marchinko, Jeff Greenstein, Kari Lizer, Sally Bradford, Bill Wrubel, Gail Lerner, Gary Janetti, Laura Kightlinger, Katie Palmer, Sonja Warfield, Steve Gabriel, Greg Malins, Kirk J. Rudell, Michael Patrick King, Darlene Hunt, Kate Angelo, Jenji Kohan, Dava Savel, Abraham Higginbotham, Jamie Rhonheimer, Jeanette Collins, Mimi Friedman, Janis Hirsch, Ellen Idelson, Jordana Arkin, Barry Langer, Michelle Bochner Spitz, Zack Slovinsky, Ain Gordon, Josh Silberman, William Lucas Walker, Adrián Ortiz Maciel, Robia Rashid, David Flebotte, James Lecesne, Rob Lotterstein, Richard Rosenstock, Cynthia Mort


David Kohan, Max Mutchnick



David Kohan Executive Producer
Max Mutchnick Executive Producer
Jeff Greenstein Executive Producer
Peter Chakos Executive Producer
Alex Herschlag Executive Producer
Tracy Poust Executive Producer
Kari Lizer Executive Producer
Adam Barr Executive Producer
Gary Janetti Executive Producer
James Burrows Executive Producer
Tim Kaiser Executive Producer
Gail Lerner Executive Producer
Janis Hirsch Executive Producer
John Riggi Executive Producer
David Flebotte Executive Producer
Donald Petersen Executive Producer
Jhoni Marchinko Executive Producer
Bill Wrubel Executive Producer
Dennis Drake Executive Producer
Kirk J. Rudell Executive Producer
Jon Kinnally Executive Producer
Greg Malins Executive Producer
Bruce Alden Producer
Tim Kaiser Producer
David Kohan Producer
Max Mutchnick Producer
James Burrows Producer
James Burroughs Producer
Peter Chakos Producer
Alex Herschlag Producer
Jhoni Marchinko Producer
Adam Barr Producer
Steve Sandoval Producer
Jon Kinnally Producer
Tracy Poust Producer
Jeff Greenstein Producer
Laura Kightlinger Producer
Bill Wrubel Producer
Kari Lizer Producer
Gail Lerner Producer
Gary Janetti Producer
Sally Bradford Producer
Donald Petersen Producer
Kirk J. Rudell Producer
Greg Malins Producer
Kate Angelo Producer
Jamie Rhonheimer Producer
Abraham Higginbotham Producer
Tom Leopold Producer
David Flebotte Producer
Cynthia Mort Producer
David Walpert Producer
Richard Rosenstock Producer
Janis Hirsch Producer
John Riggi Producer
Dava Savel Producer
William Lucas Walker Producer
Dennis Drake Producer
Michael Patrick King Producer
Eve Ahlert Producer
Tom Park Producer
Adrián Ortiz Maciel Producer
Suzy Mamann-Greenberg Producer
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