Fred Wood

IVA Star Rating : 72
Fred Wood, died January 2003, was an English actor.

Fred Wood, died January 2003, was an English actor.

Birth Name

Frederick Thomas Wood


Wednesday, 26 October 1921


Saturday, 25 January 2003

Actor Filmography

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut Prison Inmate 2006
The Fifth Element Emissary 1997
The Secret Agent Man Jostled in Alley ( by 'The Professor') 1996
Mission: Impossible Man Leaving Waterside Pub 1996
Feast of July Elderly Pedestrian 1995
Judge Dredd Rioter 1995
The Advocate Torch bearer at Feast 1993
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Running Villager 1991
The Krays Fight Spectator 1990
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl Cleaner in Arcade 1990
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Actor Filmography

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut Prison Inmate 2006
The Fifth Element Emissary 1997
The Secret Agent Man Jostled in Alley ( by 'The Professor') 1996
Mission: Impossible Man Leaving Waterside Pub 1996
Feast of July Elderly Pedestrian 1995
Judge Dredd Rioter 1995
The Advocate Torch bearer at Feast 1993
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Running Villager 1991
The Krays Fight Spectator 1990
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl Cleaner in Arcade 1990
Henry V Soldier (Hooded with Staff) 1989
Batman Parade Spectator 1989
Willow Druid 1988
Withnail & I Man In Cafe 1987
Car Trouble Man Sheltering from Rain 1986
Young Sherlock Holmes Patron (Lower Nile Tavern) 1985
Santa Claus: The Movie Ancient Elf 1985
Reunion at Fairborough Leo Hotel Resident Sitting on Bunk 1985
Florence Nightingale Patient (Middlesex Hospital) 1985
Morons from Outer Space Naked Protester 1985
Brazil Giant Man with Bottle 1985
Gulag Inmate in Soviet Work Camp 1985
Ellis Island Immigrant 1984
1984 Prol 1984
Champions Shaun Patient (behind Bob Champion) 1984
Lassiter Fight Spectator 1984
Superman III Dole Recipient - Next to Gus Gorman 1983
Walter & June Vagrant / Squatter 1983
The Meaning of Life Branded Man in Dungeon Room 1983
Gandhi Man in the Crowd 1982
Britannia Hospital Hospital Casualty - On Trolley 1982
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Peasant (Storming Notre Dame Cathedral) 1982
Time Bandits One of the Poor 1981
Lady Chatterley's Lover Miner 1981
Dragonslayer Villager 1981
History of the World: Part I Revolutionary Peasant 1981
Clash of the Titans Slave (of Calibos) 1981
The Monster Club Angry Villager 1981
Superman II Inmate (Working in prison Laundry) 1980
The Elephant Man Injured Man 1980
Breaking Glass Window Shopper 1980
Minder Man in Cafe, Pub Patron 1979
Quatermass Car Passenger / Protest Observer 1979
Return of the Saint Observer in Street 1978
The Professionals Tramp 1977
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Cantina Patron 1977
Jabberwocky Bandit 1977
The Man in the Iron Mask Prisoner 1977
Voyage of the Damned Passenger - MS St Louis 1976
Queen Kong Nabonga Sacrifice to Queen Kong 1976
The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother Stage Roadie 1975
Lisztomania Princess Carolyn's Guard 1975
Hennessy McGinn - IRA terrorist 1975
Brief Encounter customer at station cafe / Customer (Station Cafe) 1974
The Freakmaker Audience Member (at Freak Show). 1974
The Wicker Man Parishioner (Singing Hymn in Church) 1973
Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World Observer with Jim Dale 1973
Carry on Girls Audience Member 1973
Love Thy Neighbour Unneighbourly Neighbour 1973
The MacKintosh Man Prisoner Working in Laundry 1973
Steptoe and Son Ride Again Mourner 1973
O Lucky Man! Tramp 1973
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Asylum Inmate 1973
The Creeping Flesh Inmate 1973
The Offence Billy 1973
The Amazing Mr. Blunden Procurer 1972
Demons of the Mind Villager Carrying Torch 1972
The Protectors Cafe Worker, Prisioner in Cell 1972
Madigan Morgue Attendant 1972
Pope Joan Villager in Crowd (at outdoor Sermon) 1972
The Alf Garnett Saga Pub Patron 1972
The Pied Piper Burger 1972
The Ruling Class Corpse 1972
Frenzy Pub Patron 1972
Steptoe & Son Strip Club Patron 1972
Tales from the Crypt Second Mortician 1972
Doomwatch Villager 1972
Burke & Hare Gent at Market Stall in Top Hat 1972
The Chastity Belt Peasant 1972
Carry on at Your Convenience Strike-Breaker 1971
Gumshoe Tube Passenger 1971
I, Monster Pipe Smoker (with cap) in pub. 1971
Twins of Evil Puritan 1971
And Now for Something Completely Different Beggar 1971
Dad's Army Townsman 1971
Columbo Man in Pub 1971
A Lizard in a Woman's Skin 1971
Countess Dracula Hungarian Peasant 1971
Long Ago, Tomorrow Convalescence Home Resident 1971
Lust for a Vampire Villager 1971
Scrooge Human billboard 1970
Cry of the Banshee Pall Bearer 1970
Cromwell Peasant (in church) 1970
The Mind of Mr. Soames Pub Patron (Reading Paper) 1970
One More Time Undertaker 1970
Catweazle Man in Bookmakers 1970
Anne of the Thousand Days Court Scribe 1969
Women in Love Miner (Appears During Opening Credits0 1969
My Partner the Ghost Seance Particiipant 1969
Special Branch Man in Pub Watching Go-Go Dancer 1969
The Battle of Britain Rescue Worker 1969
All Neat in Black Stockings Far Right Pub Customer 1969
Department S Villager (peering through door far right) 1969
The Assassination Bureau Passerby (outside La Belle Amie Hotel) 1969
Till Death Us Do Part Neighbour 1969
Where Eagles Dare German Soldier in Bier Keller 1968
The Crimson Cult Acolyte 1968
Oliver! Onlooker in Crowd (Below Viaduct) 1968
Salt and Pepper Pedestrian in conversation 1968
The Vengeance of She Cultist 1968
Charlie Bubbles Customers in the Pub 1968
The Anniversary Construction Worker with Cap 1968
The Champions Vagrant (at Winthrop House Mission) 1968
Up the Junction Stallholder 1968
I'll Never Forget What's'isname Undertaker in Dream Sequence 1967
Berserk Circus Audience / Circus Audience (Uncredited) 1967
Man in a Suitcase Newspaper Seller outside Knightsbridge Station 1967
Robbery Hammer's Supporter 1967
Theatre of Death Audience Member (Far Right) 1967
Herostratus Patient on Bed 1967
A Challenge for Robin Hood Peasant 1967
The Dirty Dozen German Soldier 1967
Cop-Out Protester Against Execution 1967
Frankenstein Created Woman Villager with Carthorse ( Opening Scene) 1967
Mister Ten Per Cent Audience Member 1967
Blow-Up Homeless Man 1966
The Trygon Factor Passerby 1966
A Man for All Seasons Man in Court 1966
Press for Time Beauty Pageant Observer (Unimpressed at Rear) 1966
Eye of the Devil Church Parishioner (far right) 1966
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. Running Man 1966
Psycho-Circus Circus Roadie (Centre) 1966
The Idol Man in Pub 1966
The Baron Audience member at Concert (giving standing ovation), Max Adrian's 'disciples', played a (Swiss?) Pathologist 1966
The Plague of the Zombies Lone Villager (on steps) / Lone Villager on steps 1966
Dracula: Prince of Darkness Mourner 1966
The Heroes of Telemark Saboteur 1965
Carry on Cowboy Townsman 1965
A Study in Terror Bearded Beggar 1965
Strangler's Web Lone Pedestrian 1965
Rotten to the Core Railway Worker 1965
Three Hats for Lisa Workman (in Truck) 1965
The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders Smart Bystander watching Coach 1965
Joey Boy Soldier at Attention (Outside Joey's Bar) 1965
Operation Crossbow Mess Steward (On the Right) 1965
I've Gotta Horse Race Spectator (at Derby) 1965
The Liquidator Commuter on Platform 1965
The Secret of Blood Island POW Wielding Spade 1964
The Tomb of Ligeia Wedding Guest 1964
Gideon C.I.D. Workman (exhumation) 1964
Secret Agent Fulham Supporter, Gendarme 1964
A Hard Day's Night Pub Patron (Animated Drinker Behind Ringo) 1964
The Masque of the Red Death Prisoner 1964
The Evil of Frankenstein Karlstaad Pedestrian 1964
Hide and Seek Pedestrian in Converstion (On Right) 1964
Becket Congregation Member (at Bishops Service) 1964
Father Came Too! Man at Auction 1964
The Man Who Finally Died Exhumation Worker 1963
From Russia with Love Gypsy 1963
The Kiss of the Vampire Gravedigger 1963
Siege of the Saxons Nobleman at Camelot 1963
Tom Jones Man on Street Wearing Three-Cornered Hat 1963
The List of Adrian Messenger Man in Bar 1963
Heavens Above! Protester 1963
The Mouse on the Moon Bird Seller 1963
Invasion of the Triffids Train Passenger 1963
The Small World of Sammy Lee Strip Joint Patron 1963
I Could Go on Singing Man in Theatre Audience 1963
Summer Holiday Yugoslav Wedding Guest 1963
We Joined the Navy Revolutionary 1962
The L-Shaped Room Man in Cafe 1962
Trial and Error Wedding Guest 1962
Billy Budd Crewman HMS Avenger 1962
Band of Thieves Prisioner (In opening credits) 1962
The Girl on the Boat Porter (Boat Arrivals Southampton) 1962
I Thank a Fool Marquee Observor 1962
Night Creatures Parishoner / Parishioner (Uncredited) 1962
The Phantom of the Opera Stagehand 1962
Two and Two Make Six Racegoer 1962
A Kind of Loving Pub Patron 1962
Crooks Anonymous Wedding Guest 1962
Village of Daughters Villager in Crowd 1962
The Prince and the Pauper Commoner in Alley 1962
Sir Francis Drake Rogue Seaman (with Bandage) 1961
What a Whopper Observer at loch 1961
Operation Snafu R.A.F. Pillot 1961
The Curse of the Werewolf Angry Villager (Bottom Left) in Assembled Mob 1961
The Snake Woman Villager (Carrying Victim from the Pub) 1961
Gorgo Circus Guard 1961
The Avengers Pallbearer 1961
Konga Man in Crowd 1961
The Mouse That Roared Bird Seller 1959
The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre Passerby 1959
The Invisible Man Casino Worker 1958
A Night to Remember Drowning Passenger 1958
The Curse of Frankenstein Pallbearer 1957
Battle Hell Unconscious Seaman 1957
The Scarlet Pimpernel Drummer, Soldier 1955
Beau Brummell Audience Member at political rally - far left 1954
Adam and Evalyn Race Spectator - In Crowd 1949
A Boy, a Girl and a Bike Observer in Crowd 1949
Another Shore Man at Christmas Carnival 1948
The Master of Bankdam Striker in Crowd (Far Left) 1947
Fame Is the Spur (unimpressed) Welsh Miner 1947
The Root of All Evil Celebratory Crowd Member 1947
Piccadilly Incident Sailor 1946
Showtime Tommy returning home from war 1946
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