Dr. Kildare

  • Genre(s):Drama
  • Release year: 1961
Dr. Kildare is an NBC medical drama television series which originally ran from September 28, 1961, until August 30, 1966, for a total of 191 episodes over five seasons. Produced by MGM Television, it was based on fictional doctor characters originally...read more

Dr. Kildare is an NBC medical drama television series which originally ran from September 28, 1961, until August 30, 1966, for a total of 191 episodes over five seasons. Produced by MGM Television, it was based on fictional doctor characters originally created by author Max Brand in the 1930s and previously used by MGM in a popular film series and radio drama. The TV series quickly achieved success and made a star of Richard Chamberlain, who played the title role. Dr. Kildare inspired or influenced many later TV shows dealing with the medical field.

Original Release

09/28/1961 on NBC

US Release



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# Title Air Date
1 Behold the Great Man Monday, 13 September 1965
2 A Life for a Life Tuesday, 14 September 1965
3 Web of Hate Monday, 20 September 1965
4 Horizontal Hero Tuesday, 21 September 1965
5 The Bell in the Schoolhouse Tolls for Thee, Kildare Monday, 27 September 1965
6 Life in the Dance Hall Tuesday, 28 September 1965
7 Some Doors Are Slamming Tuesday, 05 October 1965
8 Enough La Boheme for Everybody Monday, 11 October 1965
9 Now the Mummy Tuesday, 12 October 1965
10 A Pyrotechnic Display Monday, 18 October 1965
11 With Hellfire and Thunder Tuesday, 19 October 1965
12 Daily Flights to Olympus Monday, 25 October 1965
13 The Life Machine Tuesday, 26 October 1965
14 Toast the Golden Couple Monday, 01 November 1965
15 Wives and Losers Tuesday, 02 November 1965
16 Welcome Home, Dear Anna Monday, 08 November 1965
17 A Little Child Shall Lead Tuesday, 09 November 1965
18 Hour of Decision Monday, 15 November 1965
19 Aftermath Tuesday, 16 November 1965
20 Fathers and Daughters Monday, 22 November 1965
21 A Gift of Love Tuesday, 23 November 1965
22 The Tent Dwellers Monday, 29 November 1965
23 Going Home Tuesday, 30 November 1965
24 Something Old, Something New Monday, 06 December 1965
25 To Visit One More Spring Tuesday, 07 December 1965
26 From Nigeria with Love Monday, 13 December 1965
27 In the Roman Candle's Bright Glare Tuesday, 14 December 1965
28 When Shadows Fall Monday, 20 December 1965
29 With This Ring Tuesday, 21 December 1965
30 Perfect Is Too Hard to Be Monday, 27 December 1965
31 Duet for One Hand Tuesday, 28 December 1965
32 The Atheist and the True Believer Monday, 03 January 1966
33 A Quick Look at Glory Tuesday, 04 January 1966
34 A Sort of Falling in Love Monday, 10 January 1966
35 The Last to Believe in Miracles Tuesday, 11 January 1966
36 The Next Thing to Murder Monday, 17 January 1966
37 Never So Happy Tuesday, 18 January 1966
38 A Cry from the Street Monday, 24 January 1966
39 Gratitude Won't Pay the Bills Tuesday, 25 January 1966
40 Adrift in a Sea of Confusion Monday, 31 January 1966
41 These Hands That Heal Tuesday, 01 February 1966
42 A Few Hearts, a Few Flowers Monday, 07 February 1966
43 Some Tales for Halloween Tuesday, 08 February 1966
44 I Can Hear the Ice Melting Monday, 14 February 1966
45 No Other Road Tuesday, 15 February 1966
46 The Encroachment Monday, 21 February 1966
47 A Patient Lost Tuesday, 22 February 1966
48 What Happened to All the Sunshine and Roses? Monday, 28 February 1966
49 The Taste of Crow Monday, 07 March 1966
50 Out of a Concrete Tower Tuesday, 08 March 1966
51 The Art of Taking a Powder Monday, 14 March 1966
52 Read the Book and Then See the Picture Tuesday, 15 March 1966
53 A Sometimes Distant Spring Monday, 21 March 1966
54 Travel a Crooked Road Tuesday, 22 March 1966
55 Mercy or Murder Monday, 28 March 1966
56 Strange Sort of Accident Tuesday, 29 March 1966
57 New Doctor in Town Monday, 04 April 1966
58 Reckoning Tuesday, 05 April 1966


John Newland, Herschel Daugherty, John Brahm, Lana Rhoades, Alf Kjellin, Jud Taylor, Don Medford, Leo Penn, Lamont Johnson, Paul Wendkos, Boris Sagal, Marc Daniels, Ralph Senensky, Corey Allen, Buzz Kulik, William A. Graham, Michael Ritchie, Jack Arnold, Jack Smight, Robert Gist, Leonard J. Horn, Don Taylor, Allen H. Miner, Paul Stanley, Gerald Mayer, Herbert Hirschman, James Komack, Alexander Singer, David Friedkin, Douglas Benton, David Lowell Rich, Richard C. Sarafian, Lawrence Dobkin, Sydney Pollack, Ida Lupino, Robert Butler, Robert Ellis Miller, James Goldstone, Jules Munshin, Jules Bricken, Sidney Miller


Archie L. Tegland, Jerry McNeely, Jerry de Bono, Edward J. Lakso, Jerome Ross, Jean Holloway, Adrian Spies, Betty Andrews, John W. Bloch, John Furia, William Jerome Fay, Meyer Dolinsky, Andy Lewis, Len Janson, Chuck Menville, Dalton Sandifer, E. Jack Neuman, Alvin Boretz, Theodore Apstein, John T. Kelley, Calvin Clements Jr., Boris Sobelman, Ernest Kinoy, Christopher Knopf, Irene Winston, Gerald Sanford, Jerome B. Thomas, Margaret Schneider, Anthony Lawrence, David P. Harmon, Arthur Alsberg, Ken Kolb, Dick Nelson, Benjamin Masselink, Irv Pearlberg, Peggy O'Shea, John T. Dugan, James Komack, James P. Griffith, Max Hodge, Paul Schneider, William Link, Richard Levinson, Harold Gast, Richard Fielder, Jackson Gillis, Joel Kane, Rita Lakin, Don Tait, John Kneubuhl, Bruce Geller, Lou Shaw, Henry Garson, Edmund Beloin, Robert Lewin, Gene Wang, Don Balluck, Theodore Ferro, Mathilde Ferro, Joy Dexter, Pat Fielder, Archie Lawrence, Darlene E. Kardon, James Gunn, Bob Duncan, Max Brand, John Blake, Eve Ettinger, Janet Tegland, Yale Peter Harrison, Janet Blumgarten, Pete Morrow, Agnes Ridgway, Beryl Kent, Dale Hale, Louis S. Peterson, Norman Katkov, Stanley Niss, Walter Brough, Arthur A. Ross, Wanda Duncan, Sidney A. Mandel, Donald S. Sanford, John Whedon, William Bast, George F. Slavin, Jack Hanrahan, Robert Dozier, Jameson Brewer, Emmet Lavery, Phil Hahn, Harry Kronman, John Dunkel, Jan Winters, Chester Krumholz, Herbert Abbott Spiro, Sy Salkowitz, Gerry Day, Philip Saltzman, Al Gail, Peter Packer, Gene Roddenberry, Stanley Adams, Frank Pierson, Sidney Marshall, Jim Thompson, Arthur Weiss, George Eckstein



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